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In the Waiting Room

Feel free to hum along to the tune of “In the Swimming Pool :)”

Waiting, waiting
In the waiting room
One has strep throat, one has a cold
In the waiting room

Strep test, blood test
When I signed on to be a mom
I knew not of this list!

Waiting, waiting
In the waiting room
A fever here, some vomit there
In the waiting room

Eye doc, dentist
Pediatrician, too
You would really, really think
I’ve nothing else to do

Waiting, waiting
In the waiting room
On deadline days & pre-trip days
In the waiting room

iPhone, iPad
We’ll bring the Kindle,too
So we can work or read or play
And be productive, too

What do you do while you wait & wait in the waiting room? Wishing you wait-less Wednesday 🙂


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  1. We had the waiting game too, waiting for Strep results!

    • Oh no! Hope everyone is feeling better soon!!

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