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Happy 7th Launch-aversary,!

Today was a more-or-less run-of-of-the-mill day that involved attending my daughter’s presentation at school, followed by 2 meetings & 2 appointments- all back-to-back, of course.

Given the intensity of the day, I didn’t have much time to celebrate the fact that it is January 18th. The reason that January 18th is special because 7 years ago today, I launched

I still remember the jitters, the excitement, the elation and the exhaustion.

Most of all I remember the feedback from my friends and family.  It encouraged me & kept me fuelled.

Today, 7 years in I am incredibly grateful & fortunate to keep getting feedback from readers, viewers & followers on social.  I can’t thank you enough. is where it is today because of YOU.

Yesterday I spoke of practicing gratitude, I can share some of that here:

I am grateful for my readers.

I am grateful for my family’s support of my work.

I am grateful for the blessing of loving what I do.

I am grateful for the ability to take a small moment & share a pie with my family to acknowledge 7 years of hard work, of entrepreneurship and of keeping the flame going. ( FYI- we didn’t have a “7” candle handy so my son MADE this “7” out of 2 regular birthday candles…Can you say LOVE??? <3)

It’s not always easy, this entrepreneurship thing, and that’s why making it to this milestone is even more worthy of celebration 🙂

Happy Launch-aversary!

To my readers: quite literally owes its success to YOU.  THANK YOU!

Looking forward to many more years of sharing, laughing, crying and, best of all, celebrating together.




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  1. Congratulations, my friend! I’m so proud of you!!

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