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Gifts That Speak to Your Child…by Name

“It’s time to wake up, Rachel!”

That’s what this alarm clock would say if your daughter’s name is Rachel.  It then goes on to sing a song about how it’s time to get up, brush your teeth and comb your hair, etc.

My daughter has one and she loves it!

Kids love to hear their names.  It makes them feel special.

Do any of you have a name that you could never find printed on anything personalized?  Constant disappointment at the pharmacy racks? No pencils, no keychains, no notebooks?  I know that feeling. Growing up if I ever found anything with my name printed on it I’d buy it because it was so rare to find, especially Tanya with a “y”…

I get that kids love things personalized.  We all do 🙂

That’s why I love the gifts offered by Jukebox Canada.  They offer personalized CDs, alarm clocks and even story books (in print or on (Windows-based) CD ROM) that will not only incorporate your child’s name but the names of additional family members, friends and hometown!  You can even include a special dedication message which is on the first page of the book, or on the CD label.

My 3 older kids all received personalized CDs as gifts when they were young and they LOVED them.  My youngest just got one from Jukebox Canada and is delighted!

My boys can still appreciated being part of an adventure with Spiderman and a looney Looneytunes tale!

Reasonably priced, delivered to your home and sure to put a smile on your child’s face…what more could you ask for?

A great gift for the holidays, whether it be for your child or someone else’s.

Truthfully, a great birthday gift idea as well.


You can visit the Jukebox Canada website to see all of their products.

When placing your order, if you mention in the ‘comments’ section that you read about Jukebox Canada on, you will receive a FREE name poem (that also has a place to put the child’s date of birth). You can choose from Care Bears or Superheroes.

I’ll admit that I have an automatic aversion to giving personal data so I had a little ‘hurdle’ to jump when I submitted names, hometown & eye colour, but the gifts are that much more personalized and the kids love it.

One caveat: While the alarm clock is adorable, you MUST teach your child how to turn it OFF as opposed to hitting the snooze button) That cute little song sounds a little less cute when you’ve heard it several times in under an hour (usually between 6-7AM)!

All said, I still think these are fabulous gift ideas (Alarm clock included!). Like I said, they really are gifts that will ‘speak’ to your child…by name 🙂

Wishing you a wonderful day,


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