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Gifting Food To To Those in Need… The Easy Way
So many people I have been speaking with this year have mentioned how they love the idea of being able to gift food to those in need for the holidays. My husband and I have been feeling the same way. We are also well- aware that Mada Community Centre has the infrastructure in place to do this efficiently because they have been feeding those in need for years.
One of their INCREDIBLE initiatives is Chez Makolet – which goes beyond being a food bank. With its 20,000 sq. ft. warehousing capabilities it is truly a food and life essentials supply center. Made available as a service to the community, they offer a wide array of fresh produce and packaged foods in addition to the many basic day-to-day household essentials, from diapers to detergents, tooth paste to toilet paper, and many other such necessities. Those who register and are eligible, can once a month choose from a list of available products, and based on their family’s size and circumstances, their Chez Makolet packaged order may contain any where between $200 to $500 worth of goods.
Photo taken last year, my daughter & her BFF delivering meals to those in need courtesy of MADA Community Centre
In addition to its Chez Makolet initiative, MADA delivers 12,000 meals every single week, as part of its ‘meals à partager’ program. You may remember some posts over the years of my kids and I delivering ‘Shabbat to Share’ boxes to those in need.  You may remember that last year, I was interviewed by CTV News while doing these deliveries. At the time, I explained that these meals were going to people in financial need but also to people who were completely isolated….that was before COVID-19 hit  and before the average person had a true appreciation of the impact of social isolation. You can watch my interview by clicking on the CTV news window below 😉

Well, now we know all-too-well what it feels like to be isolated and what an amazing idea to help an organization that feeds both the mouths and should of some of Montreal’s most vulnerable people. That’s why my husband and I have decided to participate in the You Can’t Mask Hunger  campaign in support of MADA Community Center by creating a ‘team’. I invite you to consider ‘joining our team’ by making a contribution. There are options given for those who like to know exactly what they are giving for example: a holiday basket or a family’s monthly grocery order, etc.  That said, you can simply choose to donate an amount that you are comfortable with- every dollar helps and adds up to making a difference.
You can participate in the campaign by clicking on this link.
Another way that you can make a difference is by volunteering at the centre (where COVID-19 guidelines are respected, of course). You can learn more about how to volunteer by clicking here.
Thank you in advance for making a difference.
Still thinking about it?  You can watch the campaign video here:

You can participate by clicking on this link
Thank you in advance for making a difference.

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