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FRESH KOSHER Chicken at Costco Pointe Claire!!!

A few weeks ago, I received a group text from a friend informing me that Costco was set to carry Fresh Kosher chicken.  As someone who only eats Kosher meat and is a major Costco fan, this was BIG news. Just last week, another friend called to tell me that she had actually spotted the chicken at Costco. Yesterday was the first opportunity I had to go check it out and this is what I discovered:

  • MASSIVE display and quantity available (an entire floor-fridge)
  • Excellent SELECTION of cuts (boneless, cut-up, whole, minced, etc.)
  • HUGE family-size packages which I absolutely LOVE.
  • LOWER PRICES than we are used to paying (To elaborate: on some cuts the differential is huge, while on others it is moderate or equivalent to sale prices…but without having to wait for a sale!)
  • The obvious CONVENIENCE of picking up fresh Kosher chicken when I do my weekly Costco shop.


I shot this very quick video to share with you so that you can see for yourselves:

Thank you Costco Pointe Claire for bringing this awesome selection of fresh Kosher chicken at great value to the West Island!  I encourage all of you who keep kosher to take advantage of this and to support Costco’s initiative to provide us with fresh Kosher chicken at great prices 🙂

THANK YOU COSTCO POINTE CLAIRE!!! You already knew that I Love you…but now, I Love you more.

Happy shopping!


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  1. Thanks!! You saved me a trip to the city.
    Appreciate you sharing the info:)) You are amazing!!

  2. Hi Tanya, do you think Costco still has the Kosher chicken with the situation we have now April 7, 2020? Thank you and asking for a friend. Joe

    • Hi Joe,

      I haven’t been out to the Pointe Claire Costco since the onset of the pandemic, however I understand that they are getting kosher meat and chicken in from time to time. There is an online group on FB for that store and often someone will post what is and is not in stick early on in the day. If your friend shops at a different Costco, try to see if their local store has an online FB group and they can ask- Costco shoppers have been great and helpful so that people don’t displace themselves for no reason. Hope this helps 🙂 Stay safe.

      • I was there today! Yes they have lots!

  3. Hello does anyone know the nutritional facts like calories and protein?

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