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Forward Thinking for Driving in Reverse

We’ve all heard the horror stories of parents backing out of their driveways with a tragedy that ensues.  It’s terrifying.

So many parents have consulted with me prior to making their vehicle choice.  Many feel that certain technologies are necessary but are only available on the model above the one that they can well-afford. Many would enjoy leather seats that clean up nicely & don’t reek after spills and integrated.  and while most would love power dual sliding doors for their minivan as well as integrated DVD & GPS, parents are more likely to spring for a higher model to get safety-related  features.  While many consider GPS a safety issue, everyone knows that one can be purchased separately (Bluetooth devices as well).   Well here’s the big news:


I had the pleasure of test driving a car equipped with one of these devices last week & am extremely impressed.  For a fraction of the cost of moving up to the luxury model of your desired vehicle, you can get equipped with a mirror that clips right onto your current mirror & has a backup camera.  Bonus: this mirror also features an integrated Bluetooth speakerphone to which you can sync all contacts.  Dialing can be done through voice control and  Caller ID will appear in the mirror.

Some even more affordable options include rear sensors for your bumper and/or blind spot assist.

A note /caveat about integrated rear sensors on luxury vehicles: If you damage your bumper, you’re looking at BIG bucks to replace/repair.  Replacing & re-installing the YADA device would be way more affordable.

I had the opportunity to speak with Robert Poëtie, Traffic Safety Specialist and former Road Safety Director for the region of Quebec.  He explained that in 1973 with 2.5 million vehicles on the road, there were over 2200 motor vehicle related casualties.  In 2010, with 5 million vehicles on the road, there were 480 such casualties. While  tougher traffic laws, higher speeding fines and mandatory winter tire laws are obvious factors, Poëtie gives a lot of credit to technology. Unfortunately, until recently, the technology was only available on high-end vehicles.

The tech is available & there’s no need to blow your budget. Better yet, they’re available at your local Canadian Tire!  These items can be installed by someone who knows what they are doing, but if not, Canadian Tire will do the installation for you and in fact, the installation is on promo pricing until the end of June!

Below you can find the prices in Montreal for the various  items.  Outside of Montreal, please  check your local Canadian Tire flyer:

YADA Back-up camera + speakerphone (rear-view mirror) – $249, 99 (SALE $179.99 until Thursday June 23)

YADA Back-up sensor system – $99, 99 (SALE $59.99 until Thursday June 23)

YADA Blind spot assist system – $149,99 (SALE $99.99 until Thursday June 23)

YADA Dash-Mounted Back-up camera – $149,99

Installation is at a promotional pricing  until the end of  June in QC : $59.99 & for Ontario: $69.99 (reg: $99.99)

I am including a link to a video so that you can see how the device works. Click here to view.

Do you fear driving in reverse?  Have you upgraded for the sake of safety tech features? Have you tried any of these YADA devices? I’d love to hear from you!

Enjoy the sunny afternoon & drive safely 😉


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