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Feed a Frontliner – Something We Can All Do to Combat COVID-19

Ever wish you could do SOMETHING to support a frontline healthcare worker? Buy them lunch? Pay for an extra mask?

Many of us have been wishing there was some way we could help these HEROES in the fight against COVID-19, but other than remaining in self-isolation  (which does make a difference), most of us feel helpless in this respect.

I am thrilled to share that there is a FABULOUS new initiative called the HERO PROJECT which empowers each one of us to help.

How would it make you feel to know that a Doctor, or a Nurse, or a member of the Support Staff didn’t skip lunch because you provided them with a meal? How would it make you feel to know that the staff in the ICU were able to grab a banana mid-shift, thanks to you?  These HEROES are taking extra risks, extra measures, working longer hours, and leaving their families at home to provide world-class medical care for the people who need them most.

They have to keep up their strength and their immunity to fight this battle and we all can help them do just that.


The Hero Project is a community-led initiative facilitated by the JGH Foundation. This is your chance to help the front-line Emergency and Intensive Care Unit Doctors, Nurses and support staff at the Jewish General Hospital. By donating to this Project are providing healthy snacks, fresh fruits and meals to the staff, who is working around the clock to keep our community safe.

A meal costs $10. You can provide one meal, or you can provide many.  You can donate something today and something else next week. The bottom line is that if we feed our Heroes, they will be stronger for our community.

All you have to do to DONATE A MEAL (or MEALS!) is CLICK HERE and choose your donation amount. Healthy food will then be delivered to the frontline workers who need it. It’s really that simple.

Some of you may inspired to ‘do something more’ by sending in a big meal from your favourite restaurant.  PLEASE DON’T. You can well imagine that the hospital staff are way too busy right now to manage accepting deliveries from a variety of sources. It takes them away from their call of duty, and nobody wants that. The HERO PROJECT ensures that our Frontliners can keep doing what they are doing and the appropriate meals will be ordered for and delivered straight to them without impacting operations. PLEASE DO NOT SEND SUPPLIES OR FOOD TO THE HOSPITAL. IT CANNOT BE ACCEPTED.

Looking for an alternative way to help in the fight against COVID-19? Thinking you would like to purchase masks or gowns or supplies to protect our healthcare workers? You can do that too! CLICK HERE to make a donation to the JGH COVID-19 Fund. Note that if you wish to make a donation ‘in honour’ or ‘in memory’ of someone but still want your money to go to the COVID-19 effort, follow the following steps:

After you have typed in the name of the person you wish to honour or memorialize, click on:

  • ‘Click to change Fund’
  • Choose the Fund category
  • the following vital initiative
  • Choose Fund
  • SCROLL To JGH COVID-19 Fund and click ‘CONTINUE’

The rest is self-explanatory.

Any way you can help WILL HELP. Let’s do this!!!

One more thing: ENCOURAGE OTHERS to get on board by SPREADING THE WORD!!!

You can share this post by text, email, or  social media!

You can share the link to the HERO PROJECT by text, email or social media!

You can Like The HERO PROJECT on FB and INVITE YOUR FRIENDS to Like the Page as well.

Share  the fact that you feel great knowing that you just fed a Doctor on the Front Lines a lunch, or that you treated half of a team to a meal- Feel good and inspire others to feel good knowing that we are supporting those who are supporting us. Feel free to use the Hashtags #FeedAFrontliner #JGHHeroProject

Enough said. Just Do It. #FeedAFrontliner TODAY.

And Wash Your Hands.

Thanks in advance,


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