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Expecting Twins (or More!)

Expecting twins can be overwhelming, to say the least. I know first-hand 🙂

Always remember this, and I believe it to the core of my being: G-d only gives multiples to those who can handle it!

Throughout this site, you will find tips & tidbits for Moms of Twins & More. Here are some tips to remember when you are pregnant with twins or more:

  • You may start to show earlier
  • You may experience greater morning sickness than others (but not necessarily!)
  • Your food intake will need to be adjusted to accommodate for the extra being(s) – Consult your doctor, or better yet, a nutritionist
  • Your Doctor may wish for you to be followed by a specialist or a special clinic such as the twin clinic at the Royal Victoria Hospital. Ask about it!
  • Make time to slow down- more than you would in another pregnancy, being pregnant with twins does mean carrying a heavier load & means you need to take it that much easier
  • Look into getting some help at home upon your return from the hospital. Call your local CLSC to see what services may be available to you.
  • A night nurse may be appropriate for when the babies arrive, especially if your partner needs to be up early in the morning for work, etc. Remember that even if you can breastfeed twins at the same time (and you can), you need help to “set them up” to begin feeding & until they are bigger, you cannot burp them simultaneously. Which means during the night you NEED an extra set of hands even if you are doing all of the feeding.
  • You DO NOT need to buy two of everything- consult the GEAR section
  • If you are having identical twins, figure out how you are going to make sure to tell them apart at first (after a while you will just know, but at first this can be especially confusing) some tricks: nailpolish on one toe, different colour string bracelets around the ankles (but be careful- these fall off!)
  • If you are having fraternal, same sex twins, think about doing the same as that stated above. Just because they are fraternal does not mean that they will not LOOK identical.
  • Think about whether you want to dress them alike or differently. I have always favored the differently approach as I wanted each to be his own individual. They do however sometimes choose to wear the exact same thing – on their own!
  • No matter how you choose to dress them – remember that your babies are two completely different individuals. Treat them as such & respect & love them for their differences. Remember that there is not one “good” & one bad, although there may be one “loud” & one “quiet”. Remember that fair is not always equal & that equal is not always fair- give each what he needs & you will do right by both of them.
  • Remember to budget an extra 20-30 minutes of time per store that you enter when you take them along with you. People will stop you. People will ask. They will ask if they are identical even if they are not the same sex. Some will make you smile, many will irritate you. Remember that generally people mean well, but do not be ashamed to say that having twins takes up a lot of time and so you must keep on schedule!
  • ENJOY THEM! Whenever you have a minute- even though it may not feel like often, take that extra moment to gaze, to smile, to be thankful for this true blessing.
  • Many Companies offer Twin discounts…Look out for them!

Wishing you a day that is doubly…or triply as fun!


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  1. I was followed at RVH twin clinic with my twins! It was a great experience! I was so worried about how I would tell my identical twins apart but one came out super red so it helped!! 🙂 🙂 phew!!

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