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Don’t Just Do Something…Sit There!

Somewhere along the way…somehow…I seem to have forgotten that not only is it OK to relax, but that it’s actually necessary. I am constantly on the go, even when I am sitting down. There is no casual surfing of the net anymore. Every minute, every moment is consumed with performing some sort of task.

On the business side, I’m either researching, updating, writing or connecting and on the home front, I’m either shopping, cooking, feeding, disciplining or driving.

I do take time for myself. I walk, practice yoga and get the occasional haircut and mani/pedi. I started reading again and while I find it very relaxing, I often find myself reading the latest business book, and although I love it, I am still “on”.

When I have 15 minutes between appointments, I fill in the time productively: I tweet, I email, I make business calls from my car. Yes. I am very efficient…or am I?

I have noticed that on days that I do take time out to do Yoga, go for a walk or get more than my usual 4-6 hours sleep, things come more easily: Decisions, completing tasks, resolving conflicts. Everything seems clearer, and my patience doesn’t run thin nearly as quickly.

If you’ve ever practiced yoga, you’ll know that practice ends with ‘savasana’ or ‘corpse pose’ where you lay very still and “let it all sink in”. It is during this pose that all of the benefits of the practice materialize.

I am certain that the same theory holds true for life: It is when you allow yourself to be still and to have a quiet moment then the benefit of all that you have done has a chance to sink in. I know that most of my great ideas were generated in the shower-the only places where I allow my mind to wander freely, because I am not conversing, researching or actively writing.

But it’s not just about the ideas, it applies to so much.  On the odd occasion that I sit quietly and eat slowly, my food tastes better. When I unplug from all my gadgets, I am in the present, enjoying my family.

I’ve always been a do-er, one to change the status quo if it was unsatisfactory. I have lived by the motto of “Don’t just stand there, do something!”. I have also lived by the motto of “Everything in moderation” (except when it comes to what I do in excess, like work).

So today, I suggest we combine the two. We must always work hard towards our goals and to effect positive change, but every so often, when we “find time”: in the waiting room, between appointments or because a conference call ended early, let’s heed the voice that says: “Don’t just do something, sit there!” and let it all sink in.

Ironically, I just completed this post while in the waiting room of my Dr’s office…I’ll guess I’ll start tomorrow. Stay tuned for another post on procrastination, can’t promise it for this week-I’m not sure when I can get to it 😉

Wishing you quiet moments in your day,


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  1. I have been pondering this same dilemma lately. Great post, Tanya, thanks!

    • Thanks Mama Moe! I think that so many of us are…please let me know if you have any success in sitting still… Have a wonderful day 🙂

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