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Disney’s ‘Ralph Breaks The Internet’: No Spoilers…but Stay Until the Very End!!!

Last Thursday night, my daughter and I were treated to the Montreal Advance Screening of Disney’s ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’, and we REALLY enjoyed it 🙂

Since I don’t believe in spoilers, I will simply tell you what we thought was great about the movie:

The Nostalgia : There is just a feeling that comes up when I hear/see things like Pac Man and Qbert. References that my generation can appreciate but many of which our kids’ generation still can appreciate add a great feeling to this movie.

The Music: With both new and older songs, the music in the movie is fun and much of it is familiar ( adding to that nostalgia).

It’s Funny: Not only are there many little laughs in this movie, but I can say that Disney seems to have taken the opportunity to poke a little fun at itself and it is actually REALLY funny. I don’t want to give away too much, but there is a scene where Vanellope  meets the princesses and it is really funny ( beyond what you see in the trailer)

Lessons about Friendship: The movie shows how people change and how this can affect their friendships.  Their are some positive lessons about friendship and I will leave it at that so as not to spoil the movie 🙂

Teachable Moments about social media and online bullying- There is not a lot of focus on this but there is just enough of a mention of the meanness that can creep into Social Media comments that it leaves parents and kids a great opening for a discussion about treating others with respect both on and offline. Look for the scene- you’ll recognize it and I recommend using it as a ‘teachable moment”

Amazing Visual Depiction of the Internet and How it Works:  This is so well-done, with just the right dose of humour and with even more teachable moments about pop-ups, viruses, social media and more.

The End…AFTER the End…and then again after that end: Stay until the VERY END.  If you leave the theatre and are not toe-tapping to a tune that you cannot get out of your head, then you have not stayed long enough. While I will not spoil this for you you need to stay for 2 special surprises ‘after the end’ 😉

Overall Disney’s ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet’ gets lots of hearts from us 🙂 It is a fun and funny movie that does not disappoint. My daughter wants to go back with a friend and I think that both you and your kids will enjoy it.  It opens in theatres today, November 21st…Enjoy!


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