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Disney’s Pete’s Dragon Opens this Weekend – Make it Part of Your #61DaysOfSummer!

This past Wednesday night, the whole family attended the advanced screening of Disney’s Pete’s Dragon.  In fact, there were also A LOT of readers in attendance as we had given away a whole bunch of family passes. Across the board the feedback was the same:


A reimagining of Disney’s cherished family film, “Pete’s Dragon” is the adventure of an orphaned boy named Pete and his best friend Elliot, who just so happens to be a dragon.

It is a story of bravery on a whole variety of levels.  It is a story of trust and a story about family- but not necessarily the traditional family. It is a story of believing: believing in ourselves, in others and in magic. There are aspects of the story that touch upon respecting and preserving nature- messaging that I particularly appreciate.

I had people thanking me after the movie for a wonderful experience and even received an email from one reader who thanked me and said

“We truly enjoyed Pete’s Dragon”.

There is plenty of action and a fair share of tear-jerking moments – Warning: Bring tissues. 

Pete losing his family is gut-wrenching. Pete and Elliott finding each other…? That’s just magic.

I have had a lot of questions about whether the movie is too ‘scary’ for younger kids or too babyish for older kids.  As always, a “know your child” policy is best, allow me to put things into perspective:

My kids range are aged 15, 13, 13, & 9 – They all LOVED it.

We were surrounded by 6 & 8 year olds who simply adored it and I even heard from a reader the following day, telling me about how her 3 year old loved it so much that he wanted to go live in the forest and have his very own dragon 😉

As for the adults? We all loved it, too.

It’s worthy of mention that I don’t actually remember the original =, but the feedback from the adults in the audience who did was that there were references that brought them back, and that this added to their enjoyment of the movie. That being said, if like me, you feel like one of the only people in your generation who s=doesn’t remember it, you can actually thoroughly enjoy the movie without having seen the original.

The film stars Bryce Dallas Howard who is just perfect as Grace and Oakes Fegley who is completely believable as Pete. Wes Bentley, Karl Urban, Oona Laurence, Isiah Whitlock, Jr. all support beautifully, and Robert Redford is just perfect in his fatherly role of storyteller and believer extraordinaire 🙂

Walt Disney Studios did an incredible job with Pete’s Dragon and I wholeheartedly give it the Double Thumbs Up.  It was definitely a special memory from our #61DaysOfSummer…and am very comfortable suggesting that you make it part of yours, too. Note that it opens Saturday August 12, 2016 🙂

BTW, looks like rain this weekend in Montreal so it’s an even better reason to order your tickets as soon as they become available!

If you haven’t yet seen the’s a sneak peak :

You can show some love for Disney’s Pete’s Dragon on social using #PetesDragon and by liking /following:

Enjoy the movie!



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