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Dear PM Trudeau: It’s Time to BAILOUT the People of Canada and their Small-Medium Sized Businesses

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau,

Please accept my wishes for Sophie’s full and speedy recovery.

I know that this is not the best time given that you are in self-isolation, but the time is not of my choosing- the time is NOW.

Ever since the pandemic was declared and the fact that we know that social distancing is as close to a solution as we can get, I cannot get the following thought out of my head:

What if our government offered a BAILOUT for Small-Medium Sized businesses.  A BIG BAILOUT. The kind of bailout normally reserved for one huge company such as Air Canada or Bombardier. What if ALL of that money went to pay the wages of those companies’ employees for the next 2-4 weeks, so long as companies shut down and keep their employees at home?

Just Imagine:

  • all of those families being ‘out of circulation’, keeping from spreading COVID-19 as well as other communicable illnesses further;
  • how many people would simply be staying home instead of ending up in hospitals;
  • actually SLOWING the spread of COVID-19;
  • our healthcare workers being able to manage what is coming into the ER;
  • patients in the ER being tended to when they go into cardiac arrest because there are healthcare workers available to work with them;
  • making sure the hospitals are available to serve the vulnerable and elderly who do get sick- the very taxpayers whose hard work and donations BUILT and supported those same institutions;
  • how many lives will be saved;
  • that this PREVENTATIVE INVESTMENT will result in millions (if not billions) saved in healthcare- You may even come out even, but with a many more businesses and healthy taxpayers able to get back to work sooner rather than later.

I would love to know your thoughts.

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau: Will you BAILOUT the People of Canada?


Tanya Toledano


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  1. Yes please! So many small business owners and contract workers and their families will be impacted. Tanya, you should start a petition!!

  2. I’m a solo speech therapy private practice owner and have decided to do my part by cancelling all appointments for the next 2 weeks. Mr. Trudeau, make us proud to be Canadian by taking a stand and making the right, if unpopular, decision now!

  3. Yes!! Would love to see a petition ❤️

  4. Very well said. Everyone should take the time to read this.
    I also agree that you should start a petition!

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