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COVID-19 is a Message: Slow the #$@! Down.

I am going to cut to the chase on this post because while I have much to say about what we’ve been living,  the most important message is this. I will write about my other thoughts separately.

I am taking you through my thought process in a series of points:

  1. The parts of the world that have not yet been hit hard by COVID-19 are fortunate that we can learn much from the areas of the world where the Coronavirus has hit hard.
  2. We know that maintaining social distancing is the best way to both:
    1. Keep our families from being exposed to COVID-19 or any other contagious illnesses
    2. Keep ourselves from spreading ANY germs, viruses or other contagious illnesses we may be harbouring beyond those with whom we come into contact
  3. We have the technology available for many of us to work remotely
  4. We have allowed that very same technology to enslave us for years
  5. We have all been saying things like: ‘The world is moving too fast’ ; ‘I wish I could hit the pause button’, ‘I wish everything would just slow down…’
  6. Here we are – COVID-19 is upon us – we know the best defence for ourselves and for our community as a whole is to STAY PUT and RIDE OUT THE STORM and yet we are worried about work….but the technology is there for so many of us.
  7. For many of us, option 6 is truly not an option – Health care workers, those working in essential services (and I include grocery stores, pharmacies and delivery drivers in that category) need to be there in service to our communities, but they would also be better protected if the current default status would be to just work-from-home. If they are better protected then there is a greater likelihood of said stores and pharmacies to remain open because they are not dealing with an overload of ill employees or employees in quarantine
  8. Employers need to be encouraging this
  9. The government needs to be supporting this – they are starting – but they need to do more.
  10. WE – I repeat – WE need to support this
  11. The only way to make #10 above happen is to SLOW THE #$@! DOWN and realize the world will not stop because we didn’t go into the office for 2 weeks.
  12. The only way to make #10 happen is to be ok with cancelling plans ( including travel plans)
  13. The world will slow down. (Is that a bad thing???)
  14. The economy will take a beating. (and it will recover)
  15. We WILL slow down the spread of COVID-19.
  16. We will slow the spread of other contagious illnesses.
  17. Health care workers will be better able to deal with the case load.
  18. The patient who comes into the ER in cardiac arrest will be more likely to be seen and saved. Remember that regular health care emergencies will not cease because COVID-19 has come to town
  19. The patients who come in with serious cases of COVID-19 will be able to be cared for and quarantined more effectively
  20. We will protect the most vulnerable citizens- our SENIORS- whose hard work, tax dollars and donations built and supported the very same hospitals that they now need to be available to support and care for them.
  21. We will minimize the damage.
  22. We will see more pollution cleared from space, just as was seen above China and above Italy
  23. Because our supplies will be limited, we will be as close to zero-waste households as possible
  24. We will learn that if we slow down, the world will not stop.
  25. We will learn that zero waste is not as hard as we thought.
  26. Our kids will learn that family, safety and community come first.
  27. Our kids will learn that we have to protect our most vulnerable.
  28. Our kids will learn that we prepare, we don’t panic.
  29. Our kids will learn to adjust to challenging circumstances.
  30. Our kids will learn about priorities.
  31. Our kids will learn resilience.

My family has chosen to self-isolate for now and to re-assess one week at a time. We suspect this to last for at least 2 weeks. I am used to working from home- My husband has had to ‘set up shop’ so that he can properly work from home.  Since we are doing this by choice and are not in quarantine, we may step out if necessary, especially since we have aging parents who may need something. We will walk outside when no one is around to get some air, but for the most part we are planning to just stay home and to keep to ourselves.

We have 4 teenagers- It won’t be easy, but it is what must be done to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our COMMUNITY.

Let’s come together as a community by keeping apart.

Let’s use our technology to work remotely and to stay in touch with our beloved seniors.

Let’s use our technology to stay in touch with each other.

Interesting that Apple, who brought us so much of this technology shut down all of its stores to protect its own employees.

In the world of iPhones, iPads, i-everything, let’s use all of that stuff to i-solate.

Together, apart, we will get through this much better and much stronger.

Wishing us all strength, resilience, patience and above all good health.

Wash your hands 😉


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