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Clothing Management

This weekend I had to face the challenge: going through through the kids’ clothing closets to see what fits & what doesn’t, as well as what gets handed down and to whom.  This all needs to be done in a timely fashion as camp starts shortly and missing items will need to be purchased and labeled.  I will attempt to share the experience for you with the following poem:

Swimsuits & shorts
Socks & skorts

Dresses & skirts
Tanks & shirts

Pants & leggings
Jeans & jeggings

All to be found in my daughter’s closet
What should stay, what should go to the goodwill deposit?

Some gets passed on to her sweet little sis
Where did this come from?  Are you still wearing this?

Next up, little sister, let’s go through yours, too
Some goes to your cousin and some stays for you

About two hours so far, girls are finally done.
Time for a short break, now I start with my son.

Dress shirts & suits
Sweatshirts, swimsuits

Tanks, Tees & Shorts
At least boys don’t have wear skorts!

“I don’t like doing this!” says his sweet little voice
“Me either”, I say,  “but we don’t have a choice”

Some for my nephew & some to goodwill
Some may be fitting his twin brother still

So that’s who we call upon next to try on
What fits him will stay, what’s small will be gone

A quick glance at the clock says it’s 5:32
“We’re almost all done, just try on these last few”

There’s a goodwill pile & a giveaway bin
Various baskets with clothes to be labeled within.

What needs to be bought has been written in pen
I don’t look forward to the next time we do this again.

How do you deal with clothing management?  Any tips & tricks you’d like to share?  Would love to hear from you- poetry NOT required 🙂

Have a wonderful day,


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