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Why I Choose Kirkland Brand (Gelatin-Free!) Vitamins for my Kids

Did you know that not all kids’ vitamins actually give your kids the recommended daily dose of Vitamin D?

If you didn’t, don’t feel badly. You’re not alone.

According to Health Canada, kids ages 1 and up should be getting 600 iu of Vitamin D daily.  Check your kids vitamins, you may be surprised to learn that they are not providing what your kids need in Vitamin D.

For years we were in search of ‘the perfect vitamin’ with our criteria being:

  • Appropriate dosage of Vitamin D
  • Kosher or at least gelatin-free / vegan
  • Taste needed to be acceptable enough that it wasn’t a daily drama to get them to take their vitamins
  • Affordable

We were not hung up on gummies, even though we knew the kids would like them. We had an incredibly difficult time finding ANYTHING gelatin-free, even the non-gummy versions. We ended up buying our vitamins in the US and eventually ordering from the US, which of course involved exchange rates and shipping costs, and on top of that, they were only supplying 400 iu of Vitamin D Daily, so we had to supplement with an additional Vitamin D (only) chewable tablet ( which they did NOT like, on only some days of the week so that they ended up with their 600 iu daily if you averaged it out over the week. It was anything BUT simple.

Then I spotted this jar of gummies at my sister-in-law’s house. When I saw that they offer 600 iu of Vitamin D per dose and are also gelatin- free, I wanted to shout from the rooftops!

On top of that- they are actually YUMMY gummies!  The kids love them:)

The only caveat is that the the recommended daily dose of 3 gummies that gives 600 iu of Vitamin D is recommended for kids ages 9 & up.  If your kids are under age 9, I suggest asking your doctor for guidance.  I say this because giving 3 vitamins to a younger child may be overdosing them in another area- I’m not a doctor, so I don’t know!

That said, you should always ask your doctor when it comes to decisions like this, even if your child is age 9 or older. For this reason, I have photographed the label- take it to your doctor and discuss 🙂


If you have decided you’re going to make the switch to these vitamins- they are available at Costco and as of last week were priced very reasonably at $9.99 for 250 gummies (note that prices are subject to change and depending on when you read this post, they may have changed already!) 

Wishing you a day where you get your dose of D 😉



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  1. Ohmygoodness thanks for this post! Just realized I have forgotten to give my boys their d drops for a couple days now! Oy!

    • Perfect! Thank You, I was just researching food products that have gelatin in them.

  2. Does kirkland vitamin E 400 IU giod for children ages 8 above?

  3. I think they modified Ingredients, I see it has clearly listed “Porcine Gelatin”.

    • Hi Syed- Are you certain you are looking at the KIRKLAND brand? The ones I have at home are still from a batch I purchased in advance and do not include any gelatine, so perhaps something has changed since that time (as you mentioned). Thank you so much for this message- I will look into it and, if necessary, adjust the post if necessary…and then hunt for a new brand of vitamins 🙁

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