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Birthday Party at Le Colisée Kirkland

This weekend, we had the pleasure of celebrating at my twin boys’ 8th birthday party.  This year we opted for a movie party at Le Colisée Kirkland for a viewing of Kung Fu Panda 2. It was a little more cumbersome to plan & host than we had anticipated.

Here are some of the problems we encountered:

Before the day of the party:

  1. We would only know the actual movie time the Tuesday before the movie
  2. The original time frame that the theater had given us was wrong so we were to be at the theater an entire hour before the movie began
  3. When we requested a room to serve cake during that hour pre-movie it was denied based on lack of staff
  4. When we offered to supply an animator, paid by us, we were told this would not be possible
  5. We therefore had to adjust the start time & call all the parents to reschedule

The day of the party:

  1. The greeting of the kids was chaotic as they were not “contained” in a room
  2. We could not go into the theater without our designated staff member
  3. When she finally escorted us into the theater, the movie had already started
  4. A section was supposed to be reserved for all of the kids to sit together (3 rows of 6 kids).  The seats reserved were in 2 separate section across the aisle from one another.
  5. Staff member had forgotten the 3D glasses & by the time she brought them in, distributed & unwrapped them with our assistance, another 5-10 minutes of the movie had elapsed
  6. When the movie was over we were escorted to the party room downstairs by escalator.  This may not have been a problem for the 8-year olds at the party but we had some younger children amongst them.  Not a safe practice.
  7. At payment time the staff member tried to pay me $2/child extra (over & above the  $3 /child surcharge for 3D glasses)

Things that worked:

  1. The bin provided for jackets & gifts.
  2. The pickup of the food at the counter on the theater went smoothly.
  3. Once we were finally settled in the theater, the kids were happy & enjoyed the film (some were a bit scared).
  4. Some of the kids spilled popcorn & when my hubby went to buy some to replace it, it was given to him free of charge.
  5. My Scene membership got me about $10 off on the food portion.
  6. The $5 Cineplex gift cards we gave as lootbags were a hit!

All in all the kids had a great time, but what was intended to be a headache-free party came with its fair share of stress.  Suffice it to say this party did NOT get the thumbs-up, but at least the kids enjoyed it 🙂

Have you ever hosted a movie party birthday?  Where?  How was your experience?  Should I give up completely or is there still hope? Please share your experiences…

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  1. Hi Tanya,

    I can’t believe you actually BOOKED a party and you had all those problems, For Evan’s birthday I bought the cineplex packages at Costco which include a popcorn, drink (small) and Kinder surprise. I brought the cake to the eating area (Which I checked beforehand to make sure it was allowed) and then Pat and I did the rest.
    The only problem was the girl miscounted our tickets and I had to run back into the theatre to see how many tickets they all had, which was a pain because the previews were on and the place was dark. Not too mention it was stressful because I knew I had bought the right amount! Also, I didn’t realize you have to give your tickets from Costco in first before you get the food
    and go in the Theatre. Which was my fault.
    All in all, I would definitely go the route of buying them at Costco for ten instead of I think 17 a child.
    You should have definitely gotten reimbursed for the room and offered to have your cake outside (because that is a big portion of what you’re paying for) and you are also paying for reserved seating. C’mon T, put those writing skills to work. Write them a letter and you’ll probably end up with quite the passes! Don’t forget to mention you have a Website! That’ll scare them!


    • Hi Holly,

      You are so right. In fact, I had asked if I could go the Costco route prior to booking. The answer was that I could but that they wouldn’t guarantee that all the kids could sit together and that I wouldn’t be able to have an animator. (Neither of which truly happened in the end). For those reasons I went with the Cineplex package. Maybe I will try the Costco route one time…just to see how it goes. As for the letter, I think I just might have to 🙂

      Thanks for the great suggestions Holly. Have a fabulous afternoon!


  2. Hi ladies,

    I’m sorry to hear about your experience with the birthday party, planning a party can be stressful and the last thing you need to worry about is the venue not fulfilling their duties!
    I want to suggest to you PowerCo for your next Birthday adventure! You can bring outside food, coffee for parents is included, you get an animator and the kids get to be active! check out the site below…

    Hope this helps and feel free to pass it along to anyone else out there looking for a stress-free party!

    Have a great day!

    Jackie 🙂

    • Sounds Great! Thanks for sharing Jackie!

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