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Belles Mamans – A Special Space for Moms

Do you know a new mom who:

  • is expecting?
  • is looking for mom & tot classes?
  • is looking for prenatal or infant CPR classes
  • needs to get out of the house?
  • is looking to join a playgroup?
  • could use a cuppa joe out with a friend without having to worry that her baby’s started screaming?
  • would like to connect with other new moms?
  • needs to hear that everything she’s going through is normal?

If you do, or if you are one yourself, then you need to check out Belles Mamans.

I had the opportunity to visit there recently and was blown away by the concept.  Belles Mamans puts every bit of their 2,400 square foot space to excellent use for expectant moms and for children newborn to age 4.

With two separate classrooms, prenatal and mom & tot classes are just the beginning.  Mom can can join a playgroup and there is even a café where parents can enjoy a coffee, sandwich, salad, and some adult chit-chat while the little ones are enjoying the playground area designed especially for them.

Belles Mamans also holds workshops on everything from taming tantrums to photography to CPR.  Bonus: It’s all offered at a reasonable cost. It’s also good to know that some of their activities qualify for the Fitness or Art Tax Credits .

Worthy of mention is that they also have a wall with nice-to-haves for sale that can be useful for mom or serve as wonderful baby & birthday gifts.

Essentially, a drop-in at Belles Mamans can consist of : Mom & baby yoga, followed by coffee or lunch and some adult convesation with a friend, picking up that gift for this weekend’s birthday party and, of course, satisfying that ever-present need to get out of the house.  All this while not worrying about where Mom can feed & diaper her baby. Bonus: It’s all offered at a reasonable cost.

Speaking of feeding, I was extremely impressed by the non-judgemental attitude at Belles Mamans.  Breast or bottle, disposable or cloth diapers – everything goes and no one is going to make you feel uncomfortable about either.  Although it is my firm belief that this should be the case wherever moms find themselves, we all know that unfortunately, that this isn’t always the case.  That said, if you need breastfeeding support, let it be known that this is also available at Belles Mamans.

It’s especially inspiring to see how Mompreneur Jennifer Dube, realized her vision.  Jenn gave birth to her first child and to Belles Mamans in the same year. She created a space where she and other moms could connect & share and she had daughter, Katie by her side everyday since opening in 2007.  This year Katie is only at Belles Mamans part-time, as she has entered the world of preschool, but 5-month old baby Sarah is now a regular, alongside Mommy Jenn every step of the way.

Located on Cartier in Pointe Claire, Belles Mamans is a very special space for moms and it’s worth the trip. Whether you are expecting or have kids up to age 4, you need to check out Belles Mamans.

If you know someone who is expecting or who has children in the age group, make sure to let then know about Belles Mamans.  Share this post with them.

Better yet, if you know someone who recently gave birth, consider a gift certificate to Belles Mamans as a gift to them.  Mom & baby likely need the extra blanket, outfit or toy far less that they could use the getaway to Belles Mamans.  Certificates are available in any denomination which makes them the perfect gift for your budget!

Belles Mamans is a truly special space for moms.  Make sure a mom in your life checks it out, especially if you’re that mom.

For a list of classes & upcoming events check out their site at

Have you experienced Belles Mamans?  If so, please share so that you may inspire some fellow moms to check it out!

Wishing you a beautiful day, Belle Maman!


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  1. We have been going to Belles since we moved to the West Island in 2008. At the time I was 6 months pregnant and knew very few people in Pointe Claire. I started going there for prenatal massages and then felt very welcome and got to know many other mothers (and fathers) by simply getting out of the house for a tea or attending a weekend playgroup. My husband is also a stay at home father and has felt pretty comfortable being in the space with our daughter, now 3.

    I think it’s one thing to run a business, but another to be building a space in the community that is so very much needed. I’ve gotten to know Jen and her staff over the years and she’s very open to feedback and offers many new things to do with our daughter and other parents.

    Now I’m expecting again and can’t wait to share birth stories with other women in our prenatal yoga class and attend playgroups during the day while I’ll be off on mat leave. Ya! can’t wait to curl up with a latte and some nice chit-chat with other moms :).

    • Thanks for sharing, Erinn. I agree that there is something extremely special about building a space that fills a void in the community and I agree that Jen has done just that.

  2. I started going to Belles Mamans when I was pregnant with my daughter (now 2yrs old). I did prenatal fitness and yoga classes, then I did mom & baby classes once she was born and attended weekly playgroups. I am now pregnant with my second child look forward to going through the same experience at Belles Mamans and making even more new friends there. It’s such a warm and inviting space where you can go for a class, or just a coffee or lunch with other mothers and children. There really is nowhere else like it in Montreal. Jennifer is a huge support to every soon-to-be mother and mother who goes to Belles Mamans. She goes above and beyond to provide a safe, nurturing, inviting and educational environment for mothers and children.

    • Thanks so much for sharing, Cindy!

  3. I actually became involved with Belles Mamans as an occasional teacher for the prenatal classes. I thoroughly enjoyed teaching as often as i could, i really feel the curriculum was perfect for meeting the needs of first-time parents. I enjoyed how the classes were intimate and small enough to give as much attention to each mom-to-be and couple seeking guidance and needing reassurance. I enjoyed it so much so that when i became pregnant with my first, i signed up for the classes with my husband, he was looking for information on what to expect and i couldnt imagine doing the classes anywhere else. Now that my son is here, I trying to get involved with as many classes as I can. Belles Mamans is an experience like no where else. The friendly inviting environment, the people you meet, the variety of activities are all beyond my expectations. I am truly happy to have found this place and encourage any mom new or not, to experience all that Belles Mamans has to offer!

  4. With my first, now 8 and born in Vancouver, we had the opportunity to be a part of community centre that provided a loving and supportive environment for new parents. When we moved to Montreal and I was pregnant with my second, now 3, I looked for a place where I could get some exercise (loved the mommy and baby yoga), share stories (the milestones and the challenges) and just hang out with other moms while breastfeeding or while my daughter snoozed. Jennifer and Belles Mamans gave me all that and more! Thanks Jen 🙂

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