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Back to School Checklist-More Than Just Supplies

Back to school is around the corner and if you haven’t already done so, it’s time to get all your ducks in a row!  I have created a checklist of the Back-to-school to do’s for your convenience.  There may be checklist items you have completed, good for you!  There are no doubt some that I have missed, if yes- Please send me a comment!

  • Take an inventory of back to school clothing, including uniforms, if applicable: what fits, what doesn’t, what needs to be purchased.
  • If uniforms must be ordered, do so.  If you can buy on your own they are available at Walmart, Old Navy, Gap, Jadon Promotions, Boutique Lad & Lassie.
  • Label everything!  If you don’t have your labels yet- Order some! Try StuckOnYou !
  • Gear up for Lunch: Lunchboxes, thermal containers, re-usable beverage and food containers.  Label it all!
  • Stock up for lunch: Either with individually wrapped items or pre-portioning on your own into snack bags, if you don’t do the re-usable thing 🙂
  • School Supplies: Get those lists: Check the flyers and go to the store that makes the most sense.  NOTE: It’s not usually worth it to run to five different stores, kids in tow, to save $2.00.  Your time & energy are worth something budget both your time & money wisely. LABEL. (Note: Once there by an ULTRA-FINE Sharpieto label pencils (labels are expensive and can be harder to ‘sharpen’. Also buy a SILVER SHARPIE for labelling dark items (backpacks, lunchboxes)
  • Check the GEAR section of for more tips & getting ready for school to-do’s. Depending on your child, check the following sections: Daycare Needs, Toddler/Preschooler Clothing, School Needs, Schoolage Clothing.
  • Menu Plan: See the Menu Plan section. Plan ahead and shop accordingly for your first week back to school.
  • Feet First!  Make sure everyone is outfitted for shoes.  If you’ll be needing dress shoes for the fall holidays,shop for both now and save time later
  • Schedule haircuts
  • Plan pick up and drop off schedule
  • If  your school/daycare has odd hours during the first week, make sure to plan in advance to get help with pick up & drop off, or to care for other children if you need to be out at school with your child during certain hours.
  • If you already have the parent-teacher night schedule.  Arrange babysitting now.
  • If you already have the school calendar, enter everything into your wall calendar as well as all of your electronic deviced-SYNC IT ALL!
  • Once you have the school schedule make arrangements for childcare on professional days, or for days off from work.  Professional days are a great time to schedule Dentist and Doctor appointments. Schedule now.
  • Decide on extracurricular activities, register and schedule them into the family calendar (SYNC EVERYTHING!).  Remember not to overschedule your child.  Kids need time to just play & be kids. Remember to consider dates for end-of-year performances, so that, to the best of your ability, you don’t have scheduling conflicts between your various kids.
  • Create your own weekly schedule that factors in drop off and pick up schedules, grocery shopping, working hours if applicable, and SELF CARE time. Remember that self-care is non-negotiable, it may be a weekly yoga class or a manicure.  It may be a 1 or 2-hour weekly time slot that you fill as you wish: Massage, walk, lunch with a friend, gym/yoga, reading quietly.  BOOK IT INTO YOUR AGENDA.  NON-NEGOTIABLE. MOMMIES ARE BETTER AT BEING MOMMIES WHEN THEY TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES.

Have a wonderful weekend and happy back-to-school planning and shopping!


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