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Back in the Saddle!

So it’s been a while… I had intended to unplug with my family for 2 weeks during the holidays, which I am proud to say that I did.  Working online and in social media can make it difficult to disconnect completely, but I succeeded in my mission 🙂

It was great to be able to focus just on family and the plan was to be back at work last Monday but circumstances had it that I needed to tend to other matters and so I am happy to say that today I am back in the saddle and thrilled to be getting back to work!

Given that I’m just getting back on all fronts, I’m going to call this a “warm up” post and make it short & sweet as I must get to work gathering info for you all on what’s coming up to do in our city, respond to A LOT of email, and get my schedule in order.

I hope to share with you a bit about my break with my family as we had a very nice vacation with a few “misadventures”:

  • We drove down to Florida and let’s just say that a condo we had contracted to rent back in July was suddenly unavailable 3 short days before our check-in date.
  • My daughter locked a closet containing family meds and other belongings and there was no key to the lock to be found.
  • I had a parking lot gate fall down on my head
  • We topped off our trip with the theft of my purse containing ID, medicare cards, my US & Canadian cell phones and more…

So- like I said…you can expect some fun little anecdotes from this little trip 🙂  In addition, I got to experience some yummy food and fun shopping while I was away so I intend to share that all with you as well!

Given that I haven’t blogged since before the holidays, I’m going to take this opportunity to officially wish you and your loved ones all the best of health, happiness and success for 2012!

Off to “get caught up”….

Have a wonderful day!







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    • Thanks Patty! Looking forward to it! 🙂 Have a great day!

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