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Apple Cinnamon Challah on montrealmomTV!

In our family, we started a tradition making challah with apples and cinnamon.  It’s also a wonderful and easy baking activity for kids of all ages.
The video speaks for itself so I hope you enjoy!

I’d love to hear back from you if you try it and would also love to hear about your family’s special traditions!

Wishing you and yours all the best for the upcoming holidays,


Note: You can buy ready-made challah dough or find recipes for the Challah dough by clicking on the following links:

Stand Mixer Challah Dough 

Bread Machine Challah Dough

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  1. Tanya, you’re too cute! Love how you did this! The apron is adorable. Who took the video?

    • Thanks Stacy! Neal Caminsky of RED DREAM STUDIOS…The Master!

      • Thanks, Tanya. Always an amazing experience working with you!

  2. Tanya!!!! You rock! That video was great and because we had the recipe from you last year, I can attest to the fact that it is a super activity to do with the kiddies and the end result is a true crowd-pleaser… Shanah Tova 🙂

    • Thanks so much Ilana. Wishing you & yours all the best for a sweet, healthy & happy New Year as well!

  3. Love this! Will definitely try this year.

    • Awesome! Please let me know how it comes out!

  4. Amazing video!! Looking forward to the next one.

    • Thank you Cheryl!

  5. Tan
    As a person who works with web video every day I can tell you that this video is really well done.

    You could be the next Giada De Laurentiis


    • Thank you so much Avi! I will be sure to forward your comment to Neal Caminsky of Red Dream Studios…It’s his handiwork!

    • Thank you so much Suzannah! For your kind words, your wishes & for sharing with your readers! I am so glad you like it.

      I just checked out your site- Wow. SO much info, specials, everything! Great!! I’ll be visiting more often 🙂

      I think we’ve been following each other on Twitter for awhile & I was actually pretty sure that I recognized you from Montreal when I first saw your pic…will DM you to figure out if I’m right! Wishing you & your entire family a healthy & happy new year!

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