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Angels in the Snow

Ever since I was a child,
I have found the snow so soothing.
As I lay to make snow angels,
My arms and legs did all the smoothing. 

I look forward to the winter,
When I’ll sit by the window,
Where I’ll chat with my beloved,
And we’ll marvel at the snow. 

Today the snow speaks for me,
Frosted tears that never end.
I have to see a message,
As the snow it does descend. 

The tears fall from the heavens,
And as they come down towards the living.
They begin to feel the cold,
And into snowflakes begin chilling. 

We’re losing our connections,
With our families & our friends.
Instead of cards or coffee,
We have Likes & Shares & Sends.

Instead of playing with our children,
We pass an iPad, Leap Pad, cell.
And then we come to wonder,
How life became a living hell. 

“Mommy has to send this email”.
“Daddy has to take this call”.
“That’s nice”, we say while smiling,
But we didn’t hear at all. 

Our children need our presence.
We need to stop and hear,
About the silly they find funny,
About the dream that’s turned to fear. 

We love them with every fiber,
And of course we’re sure they know.
Yet we don’t realize,
This is not exactly what we show. 

We think we’re doing it to provide,
But all-too-often it’s for greed.
For some angels, hurt turns to anger,
And we don’t know where this will lead. 

And when the hurting, damaged angels,
Don’t know how to act or feel,
They sometimes hurt other precious angels,
Who will never, ever heal. 

26 fallen angels.
We’re left feeling all unfurled.
Angels that would have brought more angels,
And more love into this world. 

Today when you see an angel,
Close your laptop or your cell.
Treasure a piece of your small heaven,
Instead of adding to this hell. 

When you see the snowflakes falling,
Grab your angel & just go.
Lie down and look to heaven ,
And make angels in the snow. 

Be grateful for the moment,
As you take your angel’s hand.
And if you don’t live in snow country,
Then make angels in the sand.

We know it all too well,
It’s always the little things.
We need to unplug and be there,
To help our angels spread their wings. 

26 fallen angels.
We can’t describe the heartbreak that we feel.
As society we must takes steps,
If we intend to truly heal. 

I don’t have all the answers,
But this much I do know.
We must all stop for a moment,
And see the message in the snow. 

My heart goes out to the families of Newtown.
I cannot find words to comfort you. I can only tell you that I am crying with you.
Wishing you strength and love.


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  1. Very beautiful sentiment and a punch to the gut reminder.
    Thank you Tanya

    • Thanks Shari.

  2. Tanya ,I have no words —-your words made my heart pound and brought a tear to my eye.
    We do live in a world that truly is moving too quickly and we all know how fragile life is .
    I hope your words get to all people —big ones and little ones too —
    Yes ,we all must slow down and take the time not only to say”I love you ”
    But to show “thay love ” .
    Thank you for your beautiful words .

    • Thanks so much Wendy. I hope so, too.

  3. Tanya,
    This is just beautiful. The day this happened I turned off the Ipad, computer, iphone and just played with my daughter for hours after she got home from school; my attention only on her, celebrating the small, ordinary but wonderful moments of life.

    • Thanks Estelle. Good for you, Mama!

  4. Tanya-what a gift you have to capture the essence of the challenges we face as parents in a world that moves to quickly and that often robs us of the simple joys we should focus on with our angels. What a poignant reminder you’ve given us.

    • Thank you Robyn 🙂

  5. Beautiful. That is all.

  6. Beautiful, simply beautiful. Thanks so much for posting.

  7. You have a tremendous gift, Tan, of putting your thoughts and feelings into beautiful and powerful words on paper. You always have. Thank you for this treasured message to all of humanity❤️❤️❤️❤️

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