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A New Bonding Ritual With My Teenage Daughter : Gilmore Girls Weekly on Netflix

The teen years are upon us Chez Toledano.

It’s actually an awesome thing to watch your kids blossom into the person they are becoming, be that what you may or may not have anticipated as a parent.  I am proud to see my kids growing up into individuals.

That said, the teenage years so far have been a mix of blessings coupled with frustration, joy together with disappointment and the general rollercoaster of hormones hitting the household.

In all of that, I cherish the moments when my kids want to SPEAK with me (even though I may have to put off the conversation for an hour while I get dinner on the table, sign a dozen school forms and register online for the next big event…)

I cherish these moments they want to spend time with me.  I am all too aware that this may change before I know it.

Gilmore GirlsThis past spring, I got news that Gilmore Girls was now on Netflix. My daughter and I decided that it would be fun to watch together.

We had just had a family discussion about how in this age of binge-watching, our kids’ generation doesn’t quite understand what it means to wait with anticipation to see what is going to happen on your favourite TV show next week.  It’s something that my generation would have hardly considered to be a life skill, but something that I would argue nurtures a very important life skill known as patience 🙂

So we started a ritual of watching one episode weekly, just the two of us. We love our protected time and we both love the show.  Some weeks it’s hard to find the time to sit for even that one hour so she keeps close count of how many episodes we are behind so we “catch up” when we can, kind of like we’d have done in the “olden days” watching previous episodes we’d “taped” because we couldn’t be home when they aired 😉

41d1354a-7727-4a0a-926e-f9c691c0e20bBONUS: In addition to enjoying a great show together, we are exercising our patience muscle!  (Note- You can binge watch it , if you like, but we are enjoying savouring the episodes 🙂 )

For those of you who don’t know the show, Gilmore Girls is about Single Mom Lorelai raising her brilliant daughter Rory, who seems to be headed for Harvard. The banter is quick, witty and full of laughs for us viewers.
We thoroughly enjoy watching the family drama as well as the various romantic storylines (between Rory & ____, Lorelai & ____ , as well as Lorelai’s friend Suki & her beau Jackson).  The characters are lovable and the relationship between Lorelai and Rory is incredibly special.

The situations that arise can also serve as great conversation starters and openings to important mother-daughter discussions.

It’s a perfect mother-daughter show and we are loving it!

While Gilmore Girls can be enjoyed by anyone, if you’re looking for something to watch while connecting with your teenage daughter, Gilmore Girls is a great way to go!

Wishing you a day with some moments to bond 🙂


 Disclosure: I receive free Netflix streaming as part of the Netflix #StreamTeam. As always, all opinions contained within my posts are my own.

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  1. I love that show. I love the relationship between Rory and Lorelai and as I imagine what kind of teenager your first born has grown up to be, I can actually totally picture the two of you watching this show together. It makes total sense.
    Wishing you both many many hours of Gilmore Girls-bonding.

  2. There is nothing more near and dear to my heart than bonding with my daughters while binge watching on Netflix! Choosing a show takes hours sometimes mind you!

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