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A Funny School Memory

As part of the Our Kids Private School Expo Blog Hop, I was asked to write about a funny school memory. The first thing that comes to mind is when I ran for Social Director of my student council in high school.

Seeking to differentiate myself from the other candidates, I chose to sing my speech to the tune of Gloria Estefan’s The Conga! While this should be a most embarassing memory, I can’t help but laugh at the fact that I actually did it. I wanted to stand out as different & I certainly did. Although I didn’t win (I lost by about 5 votes!),  I still ended up helping to organize all of the following year’s events as though I had.

Wasn’t that a bit of foreshadowing to the adult I grew up to be? Always eager to help out, to organize and to participate with titles being completely optional. In fact, until today I am happy to operate behind the scenes in my volunteering efforts. I find I accomplish more that way 😉

My extracurricular involvement was definitely a factor in my becoming an active community member in my adult life. Being in private school gave me a sense of belonging and a sense of community that remains with me until today.

I’m participating in the Our Kids Private School Expo Blog Hop.  Tomorrow, the fun is happening at HOT ON THE STREET.
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  1. That’s pretty funny, Tanya. I admire your gumption! I can’t believe you didn’t win!

    • Haha..I’ll bet you can’t 😉 Thanks Mara!

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