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Work, a Picnic & a Trip to the ER : #61DaysOfSummer – Days 20-26

My last #61DaysOfSummer post was about our fab date night on Day 19.  I’m going to bring you up to speed with a less than fab update on Days 20-26

Day 20: The kids were still staying with family so the hubby & I got a very good day of work in : We were at the office from 7AM -11Pm with a quick break to go grab some pizza for dinner.  It was actually a super productive day, but not necessarily so ‘Summer”

Day 21: More work.  Highlights of my day? Hubby & I went for a short walk which was great and then my eldest daughter came home that night & we got to “Gilmore” on Netflix 🙂

Day 22: started at the office- picked up the kids after lunch and then back to the office.  We had a yummy supper thanks to some leftover brisket that was in the freezer + some fun sides that the girls helped to prepare.

Day 23: We went to celebrate a friend’s son’s Bar Mitzvah and it was absolutely great.

Day 24: We had great plans to bike ride for a picnic at the park and then continue on to get some ice cream. We got the bikes pumped up ( and mine dusted off LOL) bungeed my picnic basket to the rack and headed out ( some of the kids had backpacks as not everything fit in the basket).


We parked our bikes and enjoyed a lovely picnic lunch of baguette with cheese and veggies & hummus ( to which I added lemon zest…The BEST!!!)


When we were done my youngest headed out with one of the boys to the playground while the other two kids stayed back to play football with Daddy.

It was all pretty awesome until my daughter fell off the monkey bars (which happened to be loose).  In a nutshell ,that ended our picnic and we headed out to the hospital. Thank G-d she is doing ok except for some wrist pain. Of course we have had her on post-head-trauma protocol…but so far so good. Thank G-d.

Day 25: The kids came to help us at the office. They did a great job!

I also contacted the City to ensure that those monkey bars get fixed…and I will be following up.

Tuesday was a typical work day but we decided to go for the ice cream that we never got to have on Sunday after the picnic. This was mine: (dark chocolate fleur-de-sel with Almonds…mmmm)


Day 26 (Today) : I had meetings from 8:30 AM through until 2, including one where I got to meet Paralympic Swimmer Benoît Huot & his Mom Lucie:)  Perhaps not so ‘summery’ but cool nonetheless! ( more to come soon on the blog!)


So there it is- You’re pretty much up to speed.

Looking forward to a special Day 27 😉


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