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#LifeOnTheSpectrum TWITTER PARTY! Join us April 3rd!

Since we celebrate Autism Awareness Day this week, it is the perfect time for a #LifeOnTheSpectrum Twitter Party! A child wandering off and getting lost…or worse, G-d forbid, is any parent’s worst nightmare. For parents with a child on the Autism Spectrum, the fear of wandering / bolting / elopement is ever-present. That’s why so many families with […]

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It’s OK…Take 2

Last year, I wrote this post in honour of International Women’s Day to remind women everywhere that we need to give ourselves permission… I actually re-read this post from time to time to remind myself that “It’s O.K.”. I have even tweeted it out during the year as a little reminder. Well, in honour of […]

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My Unintentional Happiness Project

As I took my shower Friday Morning (Feb 1st) I reflected about the small & large achievements of a very busy month: Try a Zumba Class- Check! Be a part of something larger than myself to benefit someone smaller than myself – Check! REALLY Celebrate a milestone as opposed to just taking note of it […]

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Holiday Greetings & Readings

So here we are. The kids will be home in less than 2 hours and Winter Break will begin. Reality has it that I will have to do some work while they are home, but I have promised that I will try to keep it to the very minimum. Our family needs together-time, cocooning time […]

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Angels in the Snow

Ever since I was a child, I have found the snow so soothing. As I lay to make snow angels, My arms and legs did all the smoothing.  I look forward to the winter, When I’ll sit by the window, Where I’ll chat with my beloved, And we’ll marvel at the snow.  Today the snow […]

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Goodnight Laptop, Goodnight Cell…

Goodnight Laptop, Goodnight Cell Goodnight Tablet, too. Farewell! Goodnight Facebook, Goodnight LinkedIn Goodnight to everything I Pin Goodnight Post, Goodnight Tweet Goodnight Twitter, Goodnight Hootsuite Goodnight Likes, Goodnight Share, Goodnight distractions everywhere Goodnight email, Goodnight Friends This is where my night now ends. Goodnight Moon. This started off as my final Facebook post for the […]

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Mommy’s Taking a Time-Out. Again.

As you may have noticed, I haven’t had the chance to blog all week, and it looks like next week may not be very different. End of school is a busy time for all of us and we need to give ourselves a bit of a break. That said, my dear readers, I am taking […]

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Women Sharing Wise Words

I recently attended a networking luncheon where the theme was “This I know for sure” and everyone in the room shared a few words of wisdom. Some are ‘original’ and others are well-known quotes or sayings, but all resonated with the women in the room, and I hope that they resonate with you as well. […]

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BREATHE. For just 1 minute at 1PM tomorrow- Can you commit?

I am BREATHLESS. I am jumping from coordinating upcoming workshops, to making sure ads are getting in on time, to doing my part in purchasing supplies for my daughter’s science fair, to getting my new content live…and checking messages that are over a week old but I just haven’t gotten to.  The list goes on… […]

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Wordless Wednesday – BREATHE.

I knew I was forgetting something…   Have a great day…whatever’s left of it! Tanya   Blog this! Recommend on Facebook Share on Linkedin Tweet about it Subscribe to the comments on this post Print for later Bookmark in Browser Tell a friend

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