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LAUNCH EVENT: Montreal’s Barbie Expo is NOW OPEN at Les Cours Mont Royal!

FacebookTwitterStumbleUpon Last night I had the pleasure of attending the launch event for the new Barbie Expo at Les Cours Mont Royal. The Expo is essentially a museum featuring over 1000 Barbie dolls – many dating from way back when. From the moment we walked down the pink carpet towards a pool of water with […]

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What If Anne Frank Had Survived? The Secret Annex at the Segal Centre

FacebookTwitterStumbleUpon When I first heard about The Secret Annex, I was intrigued. The play contemplates what might have happened if Anne Frank had survived the war. Would her Diary be equally as famous?  Would it even be published? What would become of Anne? I was privileged to be in attendance on Opening Night this past Thursday […]

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6 Reasons Every Parent Should Buy “HERE” by Alessia Cara

FacebookTwitterStumbleUpon I know I am not alone in cringing when I here the lyrics to certain songs on the radio. Worse yet, some of these songs have the most addictive tunes, and if I don’t have the presence of mind to turn them off, I find myself humming & singing their awful messages later in […]

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Realistic Resolution #4: Indulge in Something Binge-Worthy on Netflix :)

FacebookTwitterStumbleUpon As part of my series of Realistic Resolutions, I thought why not include something to indulge in?  THAT is something that most of us can handle I have noticed that when I get together with friends many people ask “What is worth ‘starting’ on Netflix?“. I’ve noticed the same question in my Facebook feed more than once. […]

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Realistic Resolution #3: Treat Your Teeth to an Electric (Toothbrush) Smile – (Oral-B GIVEAWAY)

FacebookTwitterStumbleUpon My dental professionals have been urging me to convert to an electric toothbrush for quite some time now. I actually tried an awesome electric toothbrush system (made by Oral-B) a while back. It even had a timer that told me when it was time to switch to a different area of my mouth, ensuring that I […]

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Realistic Resolution #2: SAVE $$$…with Flipp!!!

FacebookTwitterStumbleUpon Most of us have received our post-holiday credit card bills, and usually that signals a need to ‘clamp down’ and get into savings mode for the next little while. To be honest, though, holidays or not…it seems that lately everybody seems to be speaking about how expensive things have become…especially food. I have one […]

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TRIBES at the Segal Centre with My Teenage Daughter

FacebookTwitterStumbleUpon Last Thursday night, I was invited to see TRIBES at the Segal Center. The play centers around Billy and his family. Billy is the only deaf member of an eccentric, intellectual family. When he strikes up a romance with a woman who introduces him to sign language, it opens up a whole new world of self-expression […]

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Reasons to Buy a Dyson: 1- Exceptional Customer Service 2- Incredible Product 3- Exceptional Customer Service

FacebookTwitterStumbleUpon Great customer service starts from the ground up. I’ve partnered with TELUS, a company obsessed with improving customer service every day, to share stories of companies across Canada that are showing us how we can all expect more. To learn more about TELUS and how they are putting customers first, check out www.telus.com/expectmore The […]

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McDonald’s Canada is Kickin’ it Up a Notch…

FacebookTwitterStumbleUpon I was recently invited to witness the launch of McDonald’s new menu & customer experience platform, and I have to say, I was WOWed. Some of you may have already experienced the new “ordering screens” at one of the 3 test units in the Greater Montreal Area. Essentially, the way it works, is that […]

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Netflix Just Made Bedtime a Whole Lot Easier!

FacebookTwitterStumbleUpon “Just 5 more minutes!” Every parent has heard those words…MANY times, often many times in a row at 5 minute intervals 😉 In a recent poll, Netflix found that Canadian parents spend an average of 18.1 minutes nightly putting their children to bed. Wouldn’t it be great if we could bring it down to […]

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