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Easy Breezy Mascara For This Time-Pressed Mom

Let me begin by saying that mascara is really not my thing. I went years without using it and I was very happy that way. A few years ago, I realized that when I would applying a new powder-type foundation, my naturally dark lashes became light from the foundation. I also started using eyeshadow more […]

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What it means to be a P&G Mom

As some of you may remember, I mentioned a while back that I had been chosen to be a P&G Mom. (I’ve also got that little badge going on a little to the right of the page ) At the time many of you asked what that meant. So here it is: P&G (Procter & […]

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Where Can I Send My Kids for Music Lessons???

I get asked this question A LOT. Until now, I have only been comfortable to refer my kids’ very own piano teacher (who has limited availability), or teachers that were recommended by friends. Then I discovered WIMA. Some of you may also know it as the West Island Music Academy – but don’t let the […]

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Why I Made the Switch to TELUS

My phone is my lifeline. It’s my business line.  It’s what I use to respond to an email to keep a project going for one client as I’m about to sit down with another. It’s where the school calls me if something goes wrong. It’s where I keep my grocery list, my contact list, my […]

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How to Avoid Roaming Fees While Travelling in the US

If you ever travel to the US, then you’re likely familiar with the issue of roaming charges. They cost. A LOT. This past year I discovered a fabulous way for Canadians to save on roaming charges.  It’s called Roam Mobility. You will need an “unlocked” phone.  If you don’t have one, you can buy one […]

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Beario – A Gift of Purpose, Meaning and Starlight.

Do you know about Beario, the Starlight Bear? Beario is the 5th, limited-edition collectible Starlight Bear. Beario was designed by Dylan, a seven year-old who lives with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, together with his brother, Connor.If you’re planning to gift a teddy bear this holiday season, here are a while bunch of reasons you may […]

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Can a Blue Shirt Reduce your Stress Level this Holiday Season?

You tell me. How much of your stress is related to shopping for “the perfect gift”? If that line just struck a chord, then you may be interested in this. I recently found out that Best Buy has a free PERSONAL SHOPPER program. I know, it sounds like a gimmick.  That’s why I had to […]

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Home for the Holidays at Ethan Allen Montreal

Allow me to begin that I am thoroughly embarrassed to admit that I had no clue that ETHAN ALLEN had actually arrived here in Montreal.  When I received an invitation from them to attend a special event with great holiday decor tips from Quebec’s own Vanessa Sicotte, I was definitely intrigued. The evening of the […]

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When Grandparents Replace Parents…by Necessity.

A few weeks ago, had someone asked me how many families in Canada consist of grandchildren being raised solely by their grandparents, I might have guessed a few hundred at most. I would be wrong. Census Canada tells us that in 2011 there were 40,125 grandchildren aged under-18 who were living with a grandparent with no […]

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It’s All in the Jeans – Loving my New Denizen Jeans from Target!

So we’re all excited about Target’s arrival here in Quebec and I am doubly excited because I have had the opportunity to test-drive a pair of Denizen Jeans- made exclusively for Target by Levi’s. So what does a Mom like me look for in a pair of jeans? First & Foremost: FIT.  They need to […]

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