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Realistic Resolution #3: Treat Your Teeth to an Electric (Toothbrush) Smile – (Oral-B GIVEAWAY)

FacebookTwitterStumbleUpon My dental professionals have been urging me to convert to an electric toothbrush for quite some time now. I actually tried an awesome electric toothbrush system (made by Oral-B) a while back. It even had a timer that told me when it was time to switch to a different area of my mouth, ensuring that I […]

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The Night My Dishwasher Caught Fire

FacebookTwitterStumbleUpon A few weeks ago, we had family in from out of town and we hosted a family dinner. We had started eating dessert and my son, who had decided to be particularly helpful that night had finished loading the dishwasher and started it. Despite my asking him to come and join us in the dining room, he chose […]

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FRAUD PREVENTION: 7 Things You Didn’t Know About Interac

FacebookTwitterStumbleUpon Not so long ago I tried to buy $20 worth of cleaning product when the sales clerk said: “Your credit card has been refused, Ma’am” “There’s no way- For $20 worth of cleaning product?” “Let’s try again…Refused again. Do you have another card?” My husband communicated with our credit card company only to find […]

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The Stork: An Over-The-Counter Option While Waiting for IVF

FacebookTwitterStumbleUpon 1 in 6 couples in Canada struggle to conceive. Until now, in Quebec fertility treatments such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and IntraUterine Insemination (IUI) have fallen under the provincial medicare program.  That may be changing very soon. In addition to the financial burden that comes with fertility treatment, there are timing concerns.  There are […]

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If Only I Had This When I Was Breastfeeding….#MilkSense

FacebookTwitterStumbleUpon I have breastfed four children, including a set of twins. Believe it or not, breastfeeding my first child was more stressful than breastfeeding twins. I was actually quite confident with my decision to breastfeed but I still had some stress that stemmed from uncertainty: Was my baby getting enough?  How could I know how much […]

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Why Your Kid’s Friends MUST have YOUR Cell Phone Number

FacebookTwitterStumbleUpon My teenage daughter recently had a friend sleep over and when her mom called to check in with me beforehand, we exchanged phone numbers, and I was relieved.  It felt good to speak with another parent who wanted a better understanding of where her daughter spends her time. Last year, when she was in grade seven, […]

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Allergy Relief I Never Expected to Work

FacebookTwitterStumbleUpon This past spring I was invited to an event where actress Mahée Paiement would be speaking about HydraSense, a product I am very familiar with and have used with my own family. When my kids were younger, each had their own bottle. When I became aware of the ‘mouche bébé’ (nasal aspirator) – they […]

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A World Without Dieting

FacebookTwitterStumbleUpon I cringe when I hear people talking about “dieting” or “going on a diet”, especially in front if my children. That’s why when I found out about the Cheerios “A World Without Dieting – Take the Oath” campaign, I knew that this would be up my alley. Those who know me on a personal level know […]

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The Not-So-Hidden Danger of e-Readers & Other Mobile Devices: The Charger.

FacebookTwitterStumbleUpon iPods, e-readers, cell phones & tablets, cameras, laptops and more. We live among an array of portable e-devices and each one of them comes with its very own charger. Some of us allow our kids to use these devices, others do not. Some of us have boundaries about how much use, while others believe […]

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Online Auction to Benefit Cancer Research – SUNDAY MAY 25th!

FacebookTwitterStumbleUpon For those of you who don’t already know Virginia Champoux, she is a Montreal Mom Extra-ordinaire, and quite frankly, my hero. You may know her from her blog Outrunning the Cloud or be familiar with her (recently closed ) iconic store in Montreal Mortimer Snodgrass. She is also the face of the Weekend to End Women’s Cancers […]

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